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    Product description

    Battery type: Li-ion
    Voltage: 10.8.1V
    Capacity: 7800mAh
    Cell: 9 Cells
    recharge cycles: 500
    Operation time: Around 3-4 hours

    Compatible Models:
    A43 A43BR A43BY A43E A43S A43SA A43SD A43SJ A43SM A43SV A43TA A43TK A43U A43U A53BR A53BY A53E A53SC A53SD A53SJ A53SK A53SM A53SV A53TA A53TK A53U A53Z A54 A54C A54H A54HR A54HY A54L A54LY A83 A83B A83B A83BR A83BY A83E A83S A83SA A83SD A83SJ A83SM A83SV A83T A83TA A83TK A83U A84 A84S A84SJ K43 K43B K43BR K43BY K43E K43S K43SA K43SD K43SJ K43SM K43SV K43T K43TA K43TK K43U K53 K53B K53BR K53BY K53E K53S K53SC K53SD K53SJ K53SK K53SM K53SV K53T K53TA K53TK K53U K53Z K54 K54C K54H K54HR K54HY K54L K54LY K84 K84C K84H K84HR K84HY K84L K84LY P43 P43E P43EB P43EI P43S P43SJ P53 P53E P53S P53SJ P53XI Pro4J Pro4JE Pro4JS Pro4JSJ Pro5N Pro5NB Pro5NBR Pro5NBY Pro5NE Pro5NS Pro5NSC Pro5NSD Pro5NSJ Pro5NSK Pro5NSM Pro5NSV Pro5NT Pro5NTA Pro5NTK Pro5NU Pro5NZ Pro5P Pro5PE Pro5PS Pro5PSJ Pro8G Pro8GB Pro8GBR Pro8GBY Pro8GE Pro8GS Pro8GSA Pro8GSD Pro8GSJ Pro8GSM Pro8GSV Pro8GT Pro8GTA Pro8GTK Pro8GU X43 X43B X43BR X43BY X43E X43EC X43EE X43S X43SA X43SD X43SJ X43SM X43SV X43T X43TA X43TK X43U X44 X44C X44E X44EI X44H X44HR X44HY X44L X44LY X53 X53B X53BR X53BY X53T X53TA X53TK X53U X53X X53XC X53XE X53Z X54 X54C X54H X54HR X54HY X54L X54LY X54X X54XB X54XI X5P X5PE X5PS X5PSJ X84 X84C X84E X84EB X84EI X84H X84HR X84HY X84L X84LY
    Compatible Part Numbers:

    A31-K53 A32-K53 A42-K53 A43EI241SV-SL

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    Product description

    Fit for Laptop Models:

    Asus VivoBook S200 Series
    Asus VivoBook S200E Series
    Asus VivoBook X201 Series
    Asus VivoBook X201E Series
    Asus VivoBook X202 Series
    Asus VivoBook X202E Series
    Asus VivoBook Q200E Series

    Compatible Part Numbers: 
    ASUS C21-X202

    Battery Type: Li-ion;

    Voltage: 7.4V;

    Capacity: 5136mAh/38Wh;

    Color: Black

    Please Note: 
    -Dispose of battery in accordance with local laws
    -Do not disassemble, crush or puncture the battery
    -Do not short- circuit the battery
    -Do not dispose of in or near fire or water

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