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    Product description

    P/N Compatible Laptop Battery Model:

    PA3788U-1BRS PA3786U-1BRS PA3787U-1BRS PABAS221 PABAS222 PABAS223

    Suitable for laptop models:

    TOSHIBA Tecra A11 Series

    A11-001 A11-00N A11-00P A11-00Q A11-10D A11-07G A11-110 A11-113 A11-114 A11-11E A11-11G A11-11H A11-11J A11-11L A11-11N A11-11Q A11-125 A11-126 A11-127 A11-128 A11-12C A11-12F A11-12H A11-12P A11-12Q A11-12Q A11-S3510 A1110 A1110 -S3511 A11-S3520 A11-S3521 A11-S3530 A11-S3531 A11-S3540 A11-ST3500 A11-ST3501 A11-ST3502 A11-W3540

    TOSHIBA Tecra M11 Series

    M11-003 M11-01J M11-01K M11-01L M11-01P M11-035 M11-036 M11-037 M11-04K M11-104 M11-107 M11-119 M11-11J M11-11K M11-11L M11-11M M11-120 M11-121 M11-12P M11-130 M11-132 M11-135 M11-148 M11-14J M11-14L M11-15M M11-15M M11-15W 11-15X M11-16R M11-174 M11-17M M11-Oracle M11-S3410 M11-S3411 M11-S3420 M11-S3421 M11-S3430 M11-S3440 M11-S3450 M11-ST3502 M11-ST3510 M11-W3421

    TOSHIBA Tecra P11 Series

    Dynabook Qosmio V65 Series

    Dynabook Satellite PXW Series

    TOSHIBA Tecra S11 Series (All)

    S11-00Y S11-010 S11-011 S11-013 S11-014 S11-113 S11-114 S11-11G S11-11H S11-11P S11-124 S11-13M

    Dynabook Satellite B450/B B550/B B650/B Series

    Dynabook Satellite K40 Series

    K40 213Y/HD, K40 213Y/HDX, K40 226Y/HD, K40 226Y/HDX

    Dynabook Satellite K45 Series

    K45 240E/HD, K45 240E/HDX, K45 266E/HD, K45 266E/HDX

    Dynabook Satellite L40 Series

    L40 213Y/HD, L40 226Y/HD

    Dynabook Satellite L45 Series

    L45 240E/HD, L45 240E/HDX, L45 266E/HD, L45 266E/HDX Satellite Pro S500 Series

    S500-00M S500-10E S500-11C S500-11E S500-11T S500-12V S500-130 S500-131 S500-138 S500-139 S500-140 S500-141 S500-147 S500-14Z S500-15E S500-15

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    • Battery Type: Li-ion
    • Capacity: 2200mAh
    • Voltage: 14.8V
    • Cells: 4-cell .
    • Compatible part No.s: PA5185U-1BRS.PA5186U-1BRS
    • Condition: Replacement battery




    • Main Material: Lithium Ion
    • Model: PA5185-1BRS
    • Size (L x W x H cm): 29.5 x 7.1 x 3.0
    • Weight (kg): 0.5
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    Product description

    When you need a replacement battery for your laptop or notebook computer, you need the most cost effective and longest lasting laptop batteries available on the market today.

    Compatible part numbers:
    PA5212U-1BRS, PABAS283

    Compatible models:
    Satellite Pro R50-B, R50-C
    Tecra A40-C, A50-C
    Tecra C50-B
    Tecra Z50-C

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